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New research from Scientific Reports states that, had the asteroid that slammed Earth 66 million years ago landed anywhere else other than the Yucatan Peninsula, located off the coast of Chicxulub, Mexico, then dinosaurs may still be roaming a reptile-dominated planet.

The report states that, only 13-percent of the planet’s surface had conditions that were ideal, in the case of a big space rock crashing down, to cause a mass extinction event. Specifically, there was a one-in-eight chance to hit just right, thus killing off all the dinos, and it ended up landing in the exact spot.

It has long been estimated that the asteroid did indeed land off the Yucatan, which kicked up debris and ignited blazing fires, causing aerosols and soot to circulate the atmosphere, blocking the sun, and leading to dramatic climatic shifts and drops in temperature.

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Had the asteroid hit a low-to-medium hydrocarbon area on Earth, the mass extinction event could possibly have been avoided, the research states. High hydrocarbon areas, as stated above, only cover roughly 13-percent of the planet which, when an ideal area was walloped by a huge space rock, would cause extreme global cooling with the sun being blocked. Thus, the impact chilled the planet with a drop in temperature of 18-29 degrees.

So many new theories and questions stem from this research. Could we potentially have real-life Jurassic Park or Jurassic World theme park(s)? Could we possibly have dinosaur pets and see them living in captivity? Would we even be here, considering the theory that mammals didn’t make an appearance till after the dinos all died? Guess we will never know.

Science is fun!

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