‘Arrow’ Season 5: Stephen Amell And David Ramsey Reveal New Season Dialogue That Relates To This Film

Arrow Season 5 is just around the corner, and Stephen Amell and David Ramsey sat down at Salt Lake City Comic Con 2016 to discuss their on set antics and drop some Season 5 dialogue as well, Comicbook reports. Arrow, apparently, will now share something in common with the blockbuster hit Se7en starring Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt.

Stephen Amell and David Ramsey were discussing their Arrow Season 5 quotes that made for some humorous moments on set, and Ramsey reminded Amell “Yeah, ‘What’s in the box?’ was going for a looong time.” Amell recounted the on set story behind the quote.

“So yeah, Dave and I would yell, ‘What’s in the box. Even now, J.D., our main camera operator since the pilot, will just go–in the style of the Budweiser’ “Wassup”–he’ll go, ‘Wazzz in the booox!”

However, apparently, this allusion to the well-known Se7en scene actually had some connection to Season 5, according to Amell.

“A dialogue tease. Something you have to say to Oliver in a straight-face and I have to answer in a straight-face,” Amell said. “What did you have to say?”


David Ramsey was forced to reveal that the line, that had many on set finding quite a bit of humor in it, was now a serious line in an actual Arrow episode. For anyone who has scene film and TV bloopers, it is apparently hard to be serious all the time, so this likely made matters worse because it was already the subject of an on set joke.

“I had to say, ‘Oliver, what’s in the box? But I had to say it in all seriousness, because it’s a very serious moment.”

The only thing Arrow fans have not received from this little tid bit of information is what this line from Season 5 means.

It was unlikely that Amell or Ramsey would have let that information slip, of course. Also, Arrow Season 5’s secrets will be revealed in October, so fans will not have to wait long.

What are your thoughts? What is this box that has been teased?

Leave your opinions below.

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