Monkeys Fighting Robots

***The following post and clip contains a spoiler for the latest episode of Arrow***

This week sees the second episode of the sixth season of Arrow and it seems that both Bruce Wayne and Gotham City are being confirmed as existing within the ‘Arrowverse’. You can check it out the clip below in a video tweeted out by the official ‘Arrow’ Twitter account.

Pretty neat huh? Now that doesn’t mean we are going to get Batman, as in THIS universe Bruce Wayne might just be nothing but a billionaire playboy. Perhaps on this Earth, his parents were never even killed. Still, it establishes Bruce and Gotham do exist, and Arrow and the various CW shows love to play with the multiple Earths angle, so anything is possible!

What do you think? Is this just a tease? Will Bruce Wayne and/or Gotham City ever make an onscreen appearance on Arrow or any other CW show? Comment and discuss below!


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