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The second season of HBO’s philosophical, sci-fi, western series Westworld debuts tonight and we recently spoke with some of the cast members in a series of engaging round-table interviews in Beverly Hills.  Angela Sarafyan, who plays Clementine Pennyfeather on the hit show, talked about what to expect from Clementine in the show’s second season, her theories on how the hosts operate, and the part she played in the show’s unconventional marketing campaign, which so far has included an old-timey Rickroll and an android questioning folks at a pub.  Highlights from the interview follow.

On that pivotal scene from season one, where she shows us that the hosts aren’t as harmless as expected:

Really fun. It was really fun. I mean it was incredibly emotional too because I think it was a representative of women and men who’ve been bullied, ya know? Even the fight itself was very specific. It wasn’t like a superhero fight. It was like, it was brutal. It was awful and he beat her and then when she like, that’s I think the first time you see their strengths in the hosts and season one is when you see her, like someone that seems appears delicate to basically break someone’s skull. Which was really fun for me. I love it.

Clementine in Lab

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On the Rickroll video:

We were going to do press that particular day and Evan (Rachel Woods) and I were both there and he (Jonathan Nolan, one of the show’s co-creators) and asked her to sing and me to play the piano piece. So I learned it that night and then played it the next day. That’s why I’m so focused. I just learned the piece. I’m like, all right, is that the right note?

On the awareness of the hosts:

I always believe that the hosts are constantly taking in information, kind of like your phones. Like this, that’s taking in the information that you will use, but your phone also has it. It contains it and I think that they’re always feeding off things, so even when they’re asleep I’d made the decision that she is still awake, like she’s asleep, she’s in sleep mode, but then she’s still hearing and receiving like you would in a dream.

On that much-anticipated trip to Shogun World:

That is confirmed. And I think that is going to be a really special story that, that happens there.

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