‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Finally Gets Involved With ‘Secret Empire’

Along with Secret Empire #5, Amazing Spider-Man #29 comes out this week. Peter Parker finally gets involved with the Marvel crossover event while dealing with his crumbling tech empire.

ASM 29 cvr

I’m going to start this piece off with two less-than-popular opinions. Personally, I think Secret Empire has been highly entertaining (including tie-ins). I also think this volume of Dan Slott’s Amazing Spider-Man is more good than bad. I know, I must some sort of idiot, right?

ASM #29 finally fits Peter Parker and company into the Hydra takeover. Anna Maria is struggling to keep Parker Industries afloat. She forces Pete to go on tv and address the recent public disasters the company has been involved in. The hostile Hydra takeover begins and Parker finds himself face-to-face with the Superior Octopus.

After being a major player in previous Marvel events, Spidey takes a back seat this time. Miles Morales has been getting the event spotlight recently.

ASM 29 Otto

Despite how stupid Superior Octopus is, Otto Octavius has returned to take his company back from Peter. The entire concept of the international Spidey adventures is fallout from when Otto was the Superior Spider-Man. While I’ve enjoyed the change of scenery (for the most part) and am not overly nostalgic for high school Peter (for the most part), it’s about time to close down Parker Industries.

The writing has been on the wall for a while. From the events of The Clone Conspiracy to aiding Silver Sable in the prevention of a Norman Osborn coup of Symkaria, Parker Industries is on a path of self destruction.

Amazing Spider-Man #29 sees that come to fruition with the rebranded Baxter Building being left in a pile of rubble thanks to Superior Ock. If Otto can’t have the company, nobody can.

Parker Industries rubble

As someone who wasn’t particularly blown away by Zdarsky’s first issue of Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man, having the ol’ Parker luck kick in is a good sign. It’s been fun and different seeing Spider-Man pretend to be Iron Man for a while, but a major fall from grace is an enticing direction.

How Secret Empire eventually shakes out will set Marvel up in more of a return to form. Having Parker lose his company and likely starting back from square one will play a big part in making Marvel feel like it used to. Spidey is a pillar in the comic book foundation, if his situation is more familiar and approachable to readers, the rest of the line will be easier to explore.

ASM going forward, as far as Secret Empire involvement, could potentially be a lot of fun. Whether it’s Pete getting involved with the resistance, focusing on Superior Ock, or just the continuous downward spiral for Parker Industries, you can color me excited.

Superior Ock

If you’re in the camp that can’t stand the direction Dan Slott has taken the character for 29 issues, at least you know it’s coming to an end. In the mean time you can at least enjoy the art, which has been consistently solid.

It’s great to see Spider-Man finally get involved with the United States Of Hydra. It’s even better seeing that there is a major shift ahead for ol’ web head. With this piece, Marvel knows they at least have one fan still on board despite the disaster that was Marvel Legacy reveals.

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