‘Pretty Girls Like Trap Music’ By 2 Chainz Review

When this album starts with dramatic piano and guitar, any preconceived notions of a 2 Chainz album shatter. ‘Pretty Girls Like Trap Music is the first album from the Atlanta rapper that I’ve listened to start to finish. Nothing against 2 Chainz but I’ve always enjoyed his features more than his solo work. That changes with this album.

On his fourth release, 2 Chainz focuses his lyrics but stretches himself with the production. The producers credited include FKi 1st, Mike Will Made It, Buddah Bless, and even Pharrell. Props to each of them for either adding their signature sound (Pharrell) or switching it up (Mike Will Made It). It’s all about 2 Chainz masterfully flow on each beat though. There’s a style that he’s known for but tries out new things. He even has time to call out the new “mumble” style. 2 Chainz does borrow the moody sound that’s invading hip-hop. Also, there’s another rap song with a heavy flute; when did the flute invade trap houses?

Not uncommon on rap albums, nine of the songs have featured artists. What’s strange is how much spotlight 2 Chainz gives each of them. Nicki Minaj and Drake both get extended verses while Quavo appears on two songs (one solo and one with Migos). The most surprising feature on ‘Pretty Girls Like Trap Music‘ is R&B songstress Monica. Other than the ATL connection, never thought I’d hear her vocals on trap album. Just so happens that she sings on the most personal song, “Burglar Bars.” Her voice makes for a great addition that adds something special.

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Pretty Girls Like Trap Music‘ doesn’t have many flaws but it’s far from perfect. You hone in on the flaws a little more when they ruin good songs. Like “Riverdale Rd” for example, it’s almost perfect until the horrible hook at the end. Weak hooks and choruses seem to be the only consistent problem. That problem is why there are so many features on not only this album but most rap albums. It gives the artist a break from having to carry an entire song. If only more of the solo songs here sounded like “OG Kush Diet”.

Final Thoughts:

Like the best wine, 2 Chainz gets better with age. Each of his albums has great singles but every song here is worth a listen. I found myself enjoying all the songs for their unique quirks. Even on repeat listens, there are no skippable songs.

Pretty Girls Like Trap Music‘ isn’t the first of its kind but it’s one of the best. I also think this is hands down the best 2 Chainz album.

Favorite Songs:

Saturday Night
Good Drank
OG Kush Diet
Burglar Bars

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Pretty Girls Like Trap Music
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album-review-2-chainz2 Chainz surprised me with this release. Never expected 'Pretty Girls Like Trap Music' to be this good. The sound is cohesive with moody beats & thought-out lyrics. Check this out on digital platforms like Apple Music or in stores.