Monkeys Fighting Robots

Mech Cadet Yu returns this week with its first issue since being promoted to an ongoing series.


As the world deals with the aftermath of the invasion, Yu and his team face punishment and…his mom?


Writer Greg Pek obviously had a mission in mind when he was writing this issue. He wanted to show how there was more story to tell with these characters now with the series now ongoing. The usual methods are put into place: more world building, consequences to the first arc, and additional characters are introduced to help showcase there is more to explore in the world of Mech Cadet Yu.

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An interesting aspect which is introduced is the clean up crew. More media involving giant monsters needs to focus on the aftermath from the initial attacks. In this moment it’s made painfully obvious these are the Cadets and robots which were not meant for combat duty. The animosity towards Yu and his team who are there as part of disciplinary action make it clear they don’t take too kindly for their presence. All of which is handled in a very subtle way.

Mech Cadet Yu


The artwork by Takeshi Miyazawi helps to capture the new expansion to the series. The rough and obviously not ready for the field look of the clean up robots helps to illuminate their lower quality construction. Also, the Chief’s mech shows there are far more design possibilities for the robots in this series than originally thought.

The color work Triona Farrell is up to the usual quality but doesn’t have as much a chance to shine as in previous issues. This is due to the lack of explosions or effects which make her draw attention. No deterioration in quality though.

The lettering by Simon Bowland offers some great emphasis on the dialogue. The sound effects also help to add the extra bit of charm to the book.


Mech Cadet Yu is still a lot of fun and this new issue feels like there is going to be a lot of excitement coming in the future. Don’t let this now ongoing comic pass you by.