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The newest adventure of the Super Sons continues to be a fun ride!

While the summer of 2018 is coming to a close, the Super Sons’ is only just beginning. As their school year comes to an end, Jon and Damian plan an epic summer of Superheroing. While preparing for their first big adventure, they learn of an attack by a Sasquatch in Metropolis. On the approach, they discover the beast isn’t alone.

Along with him is a group of kids based on supervillains called The Gang. Their leader, Rex Luthor, demands to surrender to them before pulling out Gold Kryptonite to fight the Boy of Steel. Just who are these crazy kids?!

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**Some Spoilers Below**


Before we return to the present, we get a background on our villains. Rex and the Gang are actually aliens from a far-off planet, where they love the culture of Earth. The children, however, connect more to the villains of Earth and plan to follow in their footsteps. To have The Gang grow into the legion Rex envisions, they need a hyperspace cube. This is why they attack Superboy and Robin, as the Boy of Steel knows his father has one in the Fortress of Solitude. After bringing forward a hostage, the Super Sons reluctantly let themselves get captured to find the cube.

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This story is ridiculous, silly, and I love every moment of it. There isn’t as much action as one would hope, sticking with fleshing out our antagonists. The origin of the Gang basically boils down to a group of Fanboys going a bit too far. Knowing how far they went to look like the villains, especially with Rex, I can’t help but laugh. These are the ultimate villains for the Super Sons, as they have done the exact same thing.

There are also moments when the silliness fades just to remind us there are stakes. Our heroes reluctantly giving up only to try to stop Rex from killing the hostage shows off the heroism within our characters. It’s a mixture between that and the villains that make this issue a great read.

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The story is able to walk a line of silly cartoony fun with moments of seriousness and the art helps perfect it. Carlo Barberi masterfully illustrates this issue and the world of the Super Sons has never looked better. The overall style may look cartoonish, but there are times that can capture seriousness as well. This art is only made better with the fantastic colors of Protobunker. They make the world feel more alive and pop right off the page. It’s a great look for an already great book.



I love this freaking comic. It’s a ton of fun to read and a feast for the eyes. I recommend this comic to anyone who wants a fun, campy comic adventure. Hop on the Super Sons train while the series is just starting!


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adventures-of-the-super-sons-2-reviewThis chapter in the Super Sons story is full of campy comic book fun.