Advance Review: 11 Reasons ‘The Archies One-Shot’ Should Be One Of This Month’s Hit Singles

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Archie Andrews wants to make his songwriting and rock and roll dreams a reality! But it won’t be easy. Can Archie get himself (and a band!) together in time? Will anyone even show up to audition? And what happens when the music dream starts affecting his relationships and his friends? Can our beloved Riverdale gang survive long enough to play one song, let alone an actual band?

The ArchiesThe Archies One-Shot
Written by: Alex Segura and Matt Rosenberg
Art by: Joe Eisma, Matt Herms, Jack Morelli
Cover by: Jaime Hernandez

Published by: Archie Comics

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The new modern Archie continuity finally gets one of the most classic and recognizable concepts added to its pages. Lo and Behold we have The Archies finally taking the stage! How does it play out? Like a number-one hit! Read on for 11 Reasons it’s time to stand up and dance for The Archies One-Shot!The Archies  

  1. All the GREAT music references. Violent Femmes, The Vaselines, Black Keys, even Lighting Bolt gets name-checked!
  2. “And The Violent Femmes are not a two-piece”. (Jughead drops knowledge!)
  3. Archie sitting in his room listening to records.
  4. How Segura and Rosenberg flawlessly capture the relationship between Archie and Jughead.
  5. The flowing, crisp and beautiful art by Eisma, Herms and Morelli
  6. That GORGEOUS cover by Love and Rockets creator Jaime Hernandez. (I want that on my wall!)
  7. “I’m thinking hologram, Tupac style.” (Seriously Jughead gets all the best lines here!).
  8. The fourth-wall breaking narrative by Archie. Having Archie address readers really connects you to him.
  9. The story really captures that unique feeling of playing music with friends. It will especially resonate if you have even done so once in your life
  10. Like all great Archie tales, it’s a testament to the power of friendship, but this one now also adds the power of music.
  11. With its layout and panels structure, the final pages really do capture the exuberance of a live, small, intimate show.The Archies

Ok folks, there you have it! The Archies one-shot is a total must read for both classic and modern Archie fans. The book is just a delight to read, and Segura and Rosenberg are quickly becoming one of the most special Archie collaborators we have had. Pick The Archies One-Shot up when it comes out May 24th!

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advance-review-archies-one-shotPerfectly captures the fun and feelings of playing in a band with FRIENDS!