Family Tree #3 takes a fun twist on the concept of family drama, filly the pages with a different interpretation as well as brilliant artwork.

A New Twist on Family Drama In FAMILY TREE #3

FAMILY TREE #3, out this Wednesday from Image Comics is another dark addition to the series. Proving that there can be more than one interpretation to the concept of a family tree. The roots go deep in this family’s lore.

Cute or concerning? You decide.


Family Tree is a deliciously dark series, one that combines family drama with modern horror. It seems that one family cannot escape their fate, or their history, no matter how hard they try. In this instance, that means they’re dealing with a literal concept of the family tree.

This series is a joint project by Jeff Lemire, Phil Hester, Eric Gapstur, and Ryan Cody. Together they have created a truly chilling series, one with a rather unique blend of elements. So if you’ve been on the hunt for a new and different series, this one is well worth checking out.

Family Tree #3 dives headfirst into the family drama of the series. We all knew that the father was absent, and more recently learned the truth behind that whole story. But now we’re really getting to see the effect it had on the family – and the cost.

We wonder where Megan has gone?

The Plot

Jeff Lemire has written us a story worth thinking about. Family Tree #3 is chilling, but perhaps less so than the previous issues. Instead, the focus seems more focused on the family element. Okay, there are still heavy stakes floating in the air. But they felt almost secondary in this part of the story.

Seeing this side of the story was fascinating. It’s safe to say that this was not a twist that most fans would have predicted. That’s probably a good thing, and means that there will be more surprising twists and reveals for us in the future.

The storytelling style is where this issue shined. At a quick glance, it felt like we were bouncing back and forth between two dominant points. And in truth, we were. But there was a balance to be found here, as well as a purpose. This motion kept the story moving forward while holding the intrigue up in the air. It was all very nicely done.

Building the tension at the same time was another nice choice. Though one that will leave us anxious to get our hands on the next issue.

A house inside a tree? That sounds fitting for this series.

The Art

Like the rest of the series, Family Tree #3 is heavily stylized. The aesthetic of the series is made thanks to this style. It’s rough and jagged, while also giving off this organic feeling. It certainly makes the transition from human to tree much more believable.

The world depicted in this issue is interesting. Not the mundane world (that it perfectly mundane, as expected), but the secondary world hinted at. So far we’ve only had a few glimpses, but it’s enough to make readers hopeful for more information and sights in the issues to come.

We certainly don’t blame Megan for being a little bit scared and confused right now.

In Conclusion

Family Tree #3 was another thrilling read. While the tone may have changed, the feeling of intrigue has far from dissipated. It’s impossible not to be eager and curious to see what will happen to this conflicted family.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Family Tree #3 takes a fun twist on the concept of family drama, filly the pages with a different interpretation as well as brilliant artwork. A New Twist on Family Drama In FAMILY TREE #3