Zordon takes a visually stunning ride through the history of the other world.

Zordon Takes A Dimensional Ride In ‘Power Rangers’ #15

Zordon’s fate is revealed leading to some surprising developments for Drakkon’s world and the old sage himself.


The best part of this new Power Rangers series has been how it has to spotlighted views of different characters. It has been able to show meaningful character moments without making the cast seem out of place or unnatural. To this end we have seen Goldar suffer humiliation, Tommy learning to let go of his past, and Billy come to understand being a hero means more than simply following some type of plan. This issue lets a character shine who hasn’t been seen in quite a long time. It’s everyone’s floating disembodied head, Zordon.

Frankly, more Zordon is a good thing. Despite being one of the most recognizable faces (pun not intended) in the franchise, he never got fleshed out as much as he could have been. The new film did a much better job helping to establish a past than the old TV series did. Most of the time he was a glorified plot exposition device. Here though, Zordon gets to showcase his personal belief of there being good in anybody, despite how he watches the events leading to the downfall of the alternate world which has been built up for the better part of this story arc. It’s powerful to see him stand by his convictions even after watching the tragedy play out before him and even having to witness someone fall as a result of it. Though these events have already played out before in early issues, seeing them from another retrospective helps to add to the experience a bit. The issue helps to show how he truly is a worthy teacher for Power Rangers to follow and proves that writer Kyle Higgins has an incredible grasp on these characters.

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The main appeal of this issue is the fantastic visuals which are on display as Zordon takes this extra dimensional trip. The background add a bit of mystery to the experience and the use of colors is very appropriate and eye catching. Illustrator Daniel Bayliss really needs to take a bow for such an incredible issue.


This series is still awesome and finds new ways to stay on top without getting old and repeating itself too much. It’s almost as if the editorial team behind the book has a deep understanding of the original series and knows what won’t work. They know that, despite the show’s popularity, if they repeated the same formula as the show the result would not be the same. Luckily, the way things are going, readers will not have to worry about this series becoming repetitive anytime in the near future.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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Zordon takes a visually stunning ride through the history of the other world. Zordon Takes A Dimensional Ride In 'Power Rangers' #15