Yuengling Finally Available in Indiana And The Crowd Goes Wild!

Yuengling fans rejoice, especially the ones in Indiana. After 188 years, this highly rated beer brand is available in the Hoosier state.

March 8th marked the release of Yuengling draft lines, some even starting a bit early on the 7th (Looking at you Gerst Haus in Evansville). Walking into any place with alcohol around town, you know what the first question is going to be.

The brewery itself has two locations, the main in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. It’s family owned and operated, and has been since the very beginning. They are known as America’s oldest brewery, and their core values have not changed even with all the new breweries popping up everyday.

Yuengling brought the three core beers over with them, so they can become staples in every bar and restaurant. Lager, Black&Tan, and the Light.

Lager– Traditional lager, being a bold amber color. With rich body, cascade and cluster hops. ABV 4.5%

Black&Tan– Traditional English half and half. Porter style, dark brown in color, hints of Carmel and coffee. ABV of 4.6%

Light– Also made with the cascade and cluster hops, this is the lager, but just toned down. Less calories, a golden color and crisp taste. ABV of 3.6%.


So far, the buzz for the Lager has been the most vocalized. The big deal with the light is the 99 calories, and only 8.5 carbs. All beer palettes love it, especially because it doesn’t taste like your average light beer. Not to mention, you don’t feel as guilty for drinking one.

The next few weeks in Indiana will be full of Yuengling fever, but after that? Time will tell. Have you gotten in to get your sample on yet?

Go to Yuengling.com for more info, and where you can find the beers, maybe even close to home!

Get out there and drink something new this weekend.

Until next time beer snobs!

Devon Kenney
Devon Kenney
A Washingtonian born and raised, trying to make my way in Indiana. A nerd from head to toe. In love with craft beer, horror, and Hall and Oates. Graduate from Academy of Art University with a degree in Screenwriting. Find me on Twitter and Instagram @Nightynight34