YES! George Romero Has Uncovered Lost Footage from ‘Night of The Living Dead’

George Romero has apparently uncovered nine minutes of never-before-seen footage from his 1968 seminal horror classic, Night of The Living Dead. Apparently, he is working with none other than Martin Scorsese to restore the film and add the footage for a new home release.

The original report from Bloody Disgusting details Romero’s discovery. The nine minutes is actually one long extended zombie scene that was cut from the picture. And now, Scorsese, who has always advocated for restoration and preservation of cinema classics, is restoring the film from all the 16mm negatives, including this “new” nine-minute scene.

Odd note about Night of The Living Dead: it’s in the public domain. There was never any copyright law put into place on the film when it was released in 1968. Weird.

Night of The Living Dead was a groundbreaking cinematic achievement in 1968. Forget about that flaccid 90s remake, if you haven’t checked out George Romero’s original film, do yourself a favor and find a copy. It should be able to dig one up fairly cheap, what with that whole public domain thing and all.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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