X OF SWORDS Aftermath: Mr. Sinister Makes a…”Sinister” Move in HELLIONS #6

When the Hellions set out into Otherworld, it intended to enter Arakko to stop their ten champions before they could engage in Saturnyne’s tournament with the sword carriers of Krakoa. Given how much of the event has passed, it should be apparent that that mission was a failure. Instead, Sinister’s true motives are revealed–to harvest the genetic codes of the mutants of Arakko.

As they enter Arakko, they encounter Tarn the Uncaring, the Genomic Mage and leader of The Locus Vile, a group of grotesque mutants whose mutations have been spliced and mutilated by Tarn. Ignoring Tarn’s warnings, Sinister collects genetic samples from the Locus Vile. In the ensuing fight, half of the Hellions are decimated, including Sinister himself, who gives his collected samples to Psylocke to take back to Krakoa (don’t worry about Sinister, though. It is long established that this is just one of many Sinister clones).

As Psylocke, Greycrow, and a severely injured Havok return to Krakoa with the intent of revealing that Sinister deceived them, they are ambushed by Sinister, who, using smoke as a cover, kills them all and feigns getting attacked himself.


This certainly raises more issues with Krakoa’s resurrection protocol since everyone’s backups don’t include these last few memories of their deaths (not the first time we’ve run into this problem with corrupt members of the Quiet Council using this system against other mutants).

Even more concerning, I noted in a previous piece that the existence of Amenthi hybrids opens the door to a topic brought up in House of X/Powers of X–the existence of chimera mutants. Chimeras are genetically bred (by Sinister) and splice together the powers of multiple mutants. By attaining samples of the Locus Vile, Sinister may be one step closer to unlocking the secrets to creating the chimera mutants.

Hellions #6 is available now!


Matthew Brake
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