‘WWE Hell In A Cell’: History Is Made As Two Women Main Event

For The First Time In WWE History, Sasha Banks & Charlotte Main Event In A Hell In A Cell Match

WWE was already making history by having Sasha Banks and Charlotte face in each other in a Hell In A Cell match. But when WWE decided to have the two women main event ‘WWE Hell In A Cell‘, it became a groundbreaking night for wrestling.

We’ve seen women in cage matches before but nothing like the iconic structure. Women have also been the main event for Monday Night Raw and a NXT Live event but never a WWE PPV. That changed in Boston has Sasha Banks defended her Women’s Title in the Hell In A Cell match against Charlotte!

This feud has been growing since their time in NXT and has reached new heights when they made it on the main roster. When two people have a heated rivalry in WWE, the only logical step would be to fight in this hellacious creation. I never thought I’d see the day that two bad-ass women would end their feud in the Cell.

Earlier this month, Raw General Manager Mick Foley confirmed Sasha Banks and Charlotte would be the main event at Hell In A Cell. Then, there was some backtracking from Foley and it was left up in the air if the women would really be closing the show. It wasn’t until Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins had an early title match that fans knew Charlotte & Sasha would be in the main event.

“The women deserve to make history.”
Mick Foley

It was time for the match and the hype was at an all-time high. The WWE Universe knew they were witnessing a historic night in wrestling history.

Charlotte came out first to massive jeers. Then comes the hometown hero Sasha Banks. The ground erupts for her and that really adds to the importance of this match. Having the crowd into this match gives it a “big fight” feel and proves that WWE made the right decision.As expected, Charlotte and Sasha Banks put on an epic showcase. The action was brutal, the storytelling was effortless, and the two women showed why they are deserved this spot.

The match starts with a brawl outside of the cage including a power bomb through a table from Charlotte. Sasha Banks had to overcome so much from the start of this match but that added to the drama. They did an early stretcher job where Banks seemed to not be able to compete. This was a great fake out that had many fooled including the villainous Charlotte.

Main Event

From there, the two women went all in. Hitting each other with stiff shots and using all of their signature spots, these two know how to tell a story inside the ring. While Sasha Banks sold her injuries from early in the match, she still held her own against Charlotte’s powerhouse attacks. The action was back and forth until the end when Charlotte finally was able to get the win with her finishing move. This was a shocking way to finish a great match between two amazing wrestlers.

What do you think of the historic main event between Sasha & Charlotte?

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