Wrestling Icon Sting Injured at WWE Night of Champions

Wrestling icon Sting was part of the main event during last nights WWE Night of Champions which saw him take on Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Title. The match was actually very good given Sting’s age, but he showed up in tremendous shape and put on a great match.

Unfortunately, the pace of the match took a nosedive after a big spot in the match saw Sting seemingly lose all his strength and collapsed.

Sting is 56 years old. This was also the second time during the match which this powerbomb into the turnbuckle was performed.

This was only Sting’s second high profile match for World Wrestling Entertainment, but was actually his third of the week after taking part in two matches on Monday Night Raw. Sting should be used in a similar vein to high profile veterans in other sports whose minutes become a factor. To have him wrestle three matches in one week, regardless of the stress level, is foolish.

Not to mention, he got put through a table and very clearly hit his head on one of the outdated monitors which probably aren’t even used by the announcers.

Some speculated that Sting’s injury was a work and was part of an act to sell the audience on the damage that had been done but that is not the case as it has been confirmed by backstage sources and even the WWE themselves that Sting did in fact suffer an injury.

The night ended with Sting getting his finisher, the Scorpion Deathlock, reversed into a pin which allowed Rollins to retain his championship before —in true WWE fashion— all hell broke loose.

WWE has plans for Sting to appear on tonights edition of Monday Night Raw and hopefully it is not a retirement party for “the Icon”. Sting showed last night that he can still put on a great match as long as he isn’t getting dragged through the mud. WWE used him to put over the company at Wrestlemania and now he took a clean loss to the current champion.

It’s time that WWE returns the favor to one of the last few legends who really deserves it.

Darcy Reddan
Darcy Reddan
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