Why Suicide Squad’s Joker is All Wrong

With one simple tweet, it was as if millions of oysters suddenly cried out in terror — and then much like Alderaan — the Internet exploded. But there wasn’t silence. Oh no, quite the opposite.

In case you missed it (how could you?).

What is this? What am I looking at? Please tell me David Ayer is just having a laugh. Is everyone else seeing what I’m seeing?

Crazy Pills


• Brock Wilbur said it best on his Twitter. Leto’s Joker looks like he’s a member of a screamo band, not a deranged psychopath. Is Warner Bros. trying to appeal to the tween demographic? Is he’s supposed to be hot or something because of all his ink — or just some kind of badass?

• The Joker literally has ‘damaged’ tattooed on his forehead. Do I even need to go into how wrong this is? Who was in charge of this design decision and do they know the meaning of the word ‘subtle’?

• The Joker has a grill — a full blown, busted rapper grill. Or maybe they were going for the Jaws look?

the original rapper grill
The original rapper grill.

• The Joker’s tattoos are of his own fan art. It is as if the character designers went to DeviantArt and just grabbed whatever Joker related artwork they could find that would look good as a tattoo, then proceeded to haphazardly slap it on Jared Leto. That’s like me tattooing my name on my chest, à la Johnny Cage. The Joker may be crazy, but he’s not stupid.

• The Joker has a big Joker/Cheshire Cat grin tattooed on his forearm. Why? Were the “hahaha” tattoos — that look as if they were ripped straight from the pages of a comic book — not enough?

• The Joker has a ‘J’ teardrop tattoo. From HLN — “The teardrop tattoo is perhaps the most common prison tattoo. It could mean that the wearer has murdered someone, served a long sentence, is mourning the loss of a murdered friend or family member, or has been raped in prison.” Was Suicide Squad’s Joker raped in prison? Oh, Mr. J!

• The Joker looks like the love child of Justin Bieber, Lil’ Wayne, and drag superstar Sharon Needles.

Did you think I was joking?

• The Joker’s look could easily be changed for the better; but it won’t be. Jared Leto is a fantastic actor and is more than capable of delivering a terrific, if not one of the best, Joker performances we’ve seen. But not when this is what you give him to work with. If you want to have tattoos on the Joker, go ahead, it has been done before. But he wasn’t covered in them like he’s straight outta Compton. Come on guys, just make a few modifications and it’ll be fine! See?

Just imagine him with clothes.




But the worst part of all is…







What could have been.

What Could Have Been

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