Why criticize anime I don’t like? (Re:Zero Prelude)

So with the explosive popularity that Re:Zero has gained last season, and continues to gain this season, I’ve started watching it. Boy do I have some things to say. I’m only on episode ten so a little behind, but I’m catching up. However this article isn’t about Re:Zero. No that will be for another time. This article is me preemptively justifying why I would continue a show that I don’t like, borderline hate, and write about it. Or to a lesser extent, share my negative opinion.

It seems no matter where you go Facebook, Twitter, 4Chan, Reddit there’s always people sharing opinions about anime. Its a big deal to a lot of people, myself included, to share our thoughts about something that we’re watching or doing. This is why social media’s big in the first place. However its hard for people like me to feel comfortable in some of these communities when I dare to put out an opposing opinion and get dismissed as a hater. Now I know I could easily find groups that I share similar opinions with, but I’m not of the mind to be pushed away because something stupid like opinions of cartoons. I like to live in a world where all opinions are equal as long as you have thoughts and evidence to back it up.

For some reason though, the anime community doesn’t like this way of thinking and devises that any negative criticism is unproductive. And you have no value talking about a show that you don’t like, “You don’t have to watch it.” “Can’t people have their own opinions?” “Just let the people who like it enjoy it.” Why do you have to be a buzz kill.” All of these statements are meant to de-value the opposing opinion, and its gross. But they do have a point, whatever their motives may be. Why talk about something you don’t like?

I don’t know how many times I’ve said it in my articles, but I’m a huge empath. So I value understanding people as one of the things that I’m really good at. And when I see something that everyone is into, I want to understand that thing and maybe bring me closer to the people who like it. This is what spawned me watching Re:Zero, and wanting to analyze it. It’s why I analyze most shows. The more I get to know about something the more I can understand and we can have a conversation about it. To further understand something is to learn from it and gain enrich yourself. (Of course there are some things that just don’t interest me enough to talk about) People on the internet don’t share that sentiment though. They live for affirmation and reject thought that doesn’t fit within their already conceived feelings or viewpoints, without looking at the facts or opposing viewpoints/feelings. That’s a good way to never understand anything, and it drives me crazy.

I also think that people take this stuff too personal and subject, me hating some show they like, to me hating them. Which isn’t true and people need to grow up. So what do I, or anyone else get out of me watching and shitting on a show that I don’t like or think is bad. Simply more ideas. The more people look at something the more ideas can be made about it. In turn sharing those ideas can broaden a persons perspective on something and everyone can bring their ideas together, see what works, doesn’t work. What holds up to scrutiny. Whats just personal taste or feelings. And then we can all sit around a campfire and eat smores because the reason we get along shouldn’t be based on what kinds of Japanese cartoons we like. But saying that I still have no problem telling you why a certain show is bad, and you shouldn’t either. In fact I dare say, sometimes its just fun to do.

Logan Peterson
Logan Peterson
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