Where is Namor’s Head? The Future Of Namor At Marvel

Namor’s Future in Doubt?

Every once in a while, I’m reminded of one of Marvel’s oldest characters, Namor of Atlantis, the Sub-Mariner.

Fans of Marvel Comics like Namor about as much as they do Scott Summers – not exactly a favorite. Possibly a bit misunderstood, it has always been difficult to like a character that abducted Sue Storm, wrecked cities and always acted like he’s better than everyone else. Namor has always been a character study in how not to act.

Not a warm and fuzzy character

Regardless of likability, the Sub-Mariner has been a fixture in Marvel Comics since the 1940’s. Our own Monkeys Fighting Robots, Michael Bedford just detailed the character’s impact at Timely Comics during those early years. When Marvel re-embraced the super hero genre in the 1960’s, Namor was a frequent villain and anti-hero. The now-classic (and upcoming Netflix series) Defenders comic book of the 1970’s actually featured Doctor Strange and Namor.


Although Namor can be less than loveable , Marvel has always kept him in active storylines, including last year’s Secret Wars and its precursors.


As most fans already know, at the conclusion of Secret Wars, the multiversally-displaced Squadron Supreme had a new mission and a pretty big itch to scratch regarding Namor.

Hyperion scratched it.

In one of the best art-sequences of the past year, we learned the fate of Namor in the current Marvel Universe.

Marvel’s long-time anti-hero and first mutant lost his head.

In those few panels, we learned a great deal Hyperion as a character in Marvel NOW. We also came to terms with a very complicated figure that has been part of the Marvel mythos for 75 years.

I’m not sure if anyone is missing Prince Namor.

Since comics frequently resurrect the deceased, it’s frequently assumed that now-dead characters will return at some point. I will admit that coming back from an injury such as Namor endured would be a bit challenging for any writer.

So, I have to ask myself that in addition to my question of where is Namor’s head, I’m curious as to what Marvel can or will do with the character in the future.

What’s next for The Sub-Mariner?

In what appears to be ongoing speculation for many Marvel properties, this characters fate may be tied to movie rights. Last we knew, the rights are locked up over at Universal Pictures, in what is their only Marvel character licensure. In fact, questions surrounding which entertainment giant would get their Hero of the Sea to market the quickest in order to establish a potential franchise for niche character. Did the Universal Pictures situation cool out the pursuit of this property? Clearly, the DCEU has gotten their water-hero to the screen first, with Jason Momoa in the role as Aquaman. Interestingly, if you had to cast an actor for Namor, who would it be? That’s right, Jason Momoa. Don’t you think the DCEU’s version of Aquaman is just a touch Namor-ish?

I don’t know what this bodes for the future of our aquatic hero if there is one at all. Namor has been separated from his head (Highlander rule-book), his movie rights are at Universal and DCEU’s next hot prospect looks just like the Sub-Mariner.

Don’t look now, but I think Namor’s head ended up over at DC…

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