WWE: What’s The Best Wrestlemania Ever? The Answer Isn’t X-Seven

WWE’s Biggest Show Since 1985…Which Wrestlemania Is The Best?

On April 3rd, WWE will host their thirty-second annual Wrestlemania, this time in Arlington, Texas. Like Manias throughout history, the event will be filled with must-see moments while also wrapping up major story arcs between heated rivals. The spectacle that is Wrestlemania continuously changes the wrestling industry and it’s a yearly tradition for any WWE fan!

There is a question we’ve all asked ourselves: “What is the best Wrestlemania ever?”. With 31 (almost 32) shows, it’s hard to make a case for just one show. Like any form of art, the answer is purely subjective but I’ve taken the critical opinions, fan reactions, and quality of matches to compile an argument for what is the best Wrestlemania in WWE history.

5. Wrestlemania 21 (2005)

-The 21st Wrestlemania provided a passing of the torch from past to present of wrestling. Batista defeated Triple H while over on Smackdown, John Cena won his first world title from JBL; allowing the new generation to take over WWE. You can’t mention this Mania without including the introduction of the Money In The Bank match, won by Edge. Can’t forget one of the best Undertaker matches in Mania history: Randy Orton vs The Undertaker. He was the first superstar to target Taker’s then-unbroken winning streak; he made ‘The Streak’ what it is today. These moments at 21 are still effecting wrestling.

4. Wrestlemania 31 (2015)

-Wrestlemania 31 has a different feel from any other in history; maybe it’s the sunlight or maybe it’s seeing independent wrestling superstars become WWE immortals. There’s never been a Wrestlemania that represents the indy scene in wrestling more than 31. Seth Rollins walked away with the WWE World Heavyweight Title by curb-stomping two of WWE’s most prototypical stars. Fan-favorite Daniel Bryan regained the Intercontinental Championship while Anti-Divas AJ Lee & Paige defeated Total Divas’s The Bellas. 31 even gave us the overdue brawl between DX & NWO; even if it was twenty years too late.

3. Wrestlemania III (1987)

-This is how you mix sports entertainment & professional wrestling! The main event with Andre The Giant & Hulk Hogan is engrained in fan’s minds while Ricky Steamboat Vs. Randy Savage remains one of the greatest matches of all time. A double main-event like that would put place a show on a ‘Best Of List’. Even the undercard is filled with a long list of 80’s WWF stars; Roddy Piper, Adrian Adonis, Koko B. Ware, Harley Race, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, and even rock legend Alice Cooper round out the card! The first Mania gets the credit for starting but number 3 legitimized the show!

2. Wrestlemania X-Seven (2001)

-The universally praised 17th Wrestlemania is without a doubt a masterpiece but misses out on the top spot for lacking of a strong mid-card. With nostalgically bad ‘Gimmick Battle Royale’ and throwaway matches filled with major potential, the negatives slightly outweigh the positives. Matches like Angle/Benoit & Taker/HHH were good but the pairings had far better showings. X-Seven did supply some of the most memorable moments in WWE history though including the epic encounter of ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and The Rock, the insanity that was TLC 2, and The McMahon Family Soap Opera.

1. Wrestlemania XIX (2003)

-The first Wrestlemania under the ‘WWE’ moniker provided solid professional wrestling throughout with some talented stars within the company getting the spotlight.The only real blunder is one of Undertaker’s weakest Mania matches. The rest of the card allows the show to grab the top spot on the list. From a brutal revenge match of Vince McMahon Vs. Hulk Hogan to the finale of the Rock/Austin trilogy, the entertainment’s outstanding. Even the women’s match surpasses X-Seven with Trish Stratus defeating Victoria & Jazz. But the thing that helps 19 slip past 17 is the pure wrestling. With classics like the Shawn Michaels Vs. Chris Jericho dream match or a jaw-dropping main event with Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar, Wrestlemania XIX is the best Mania in history.

Do you agree with my list? What do you think is undoubtable the best Wrestlemania in history? Do you love X-Seven or XIX? Is your pick for best Mania an entirely different one? Let me know in the comments below!

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