‘What We Do in the Shadows’ TV Series in Development

Taika Waititi, director of Thor: Ragnarok, a Marvel film which has already garnered a good deal of critical acclaim ahead of its November 3 release date, has suggested that he is interested in developing a television series based on his film What We Do in the Shadows.

In a conversation with Fandango, he revealed that ““We’re trying to develop a U.S. version of What We Do in the Shadows. You know, set here in the states, but a TV show.”

Beyond that statement, not many more details are available. However, the film was a wild critical success, and focused on a faux documentary of the home life of a group of vampires living together in New Zealand. The focus was more on these vampires doing things like arguing about chores than draining blood from their victims, although when the latter came into focus, the film ratcheted the violence up to 11.

As such, the concept has a great deal of versatility. The humor is strong enough that it could survive on a major network like NBC, although it would probably be better suited to a premium cable channel like HBO or Showtime. One of the latter channels would really allow the sinister side of the show to shine.

There is also another spinoff of What We Do in the Shadows in the works, however. Waititi has said of this that “We’re also trying to start shooting in New Zealand. A spin-off following the two cops from the movie, as a sort of mockumentary X-Files that takes place in a certain small New Zealand town where they investigate paranormal activity.” It has been suggested that this film may be hilariously entitled We’re Wolves.

This news has already prompted a bit of concern from certain fans, with the worry that an American version of the film will be more in the realm of a remake than a companion piece. Little is known at this point, but the latter option would certainly be preferable.

Joseph Rejent
Joseph Rejent
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