Wesvolution #3: Saying Goodbye to ‘Grimm’, It’s Been a Wild Journey

On March 31st, 2017 Grimm aired its final episode on NBC. A show that was part police procedural and fantasy show, I’ve followed this show since it started in 2011. It’s a series that frustrated me and entertained me all at the same time. Now this show was never a critical darling or anything like that, but it was fun and I couldn’t help but like it. I think I’m not alone in saying that even though it had a good run, we’re gonna miss it. In a random edition of the Wesvolution, I’m going to talk about Grimm and my adventures with the show. It’s been a great journey and I want to share some of my experiences with the series here. Welcome to the Grimm edition of the Wesvolution.

I really am going to miss Grimm a lot and I appreciate any of you reading this one. This is a personal one for me.

Now why you ask is this so personal, well it was the rare show where I actually got my Mom to watch it. See my Mom and fantasy shows don’t mix but Grimm somehow hooked her. The Wesen aspect of the series never bothered her and she found herself liking it. I think why some people who may not have been huge into fantasy but liked this show was straight up the characters. This show had possibly one of the most likable casts on TV, as well as an adaptable premise. It was the rare show that could go from fantasy and police procedural without breaking a sweat. Grimm relished in being a show that could go in any direction at any given time and that’s a rare feat.

If you look further into the characters they all fit a unique piece of the Grimm puzzle. You had Nick working as a homicide detective with his partner Hank and Sergeant Wu handling the police procedural side. Then Nick would handle the Grimm side hunting the Wesen of the week, along with his Wesen pal Monroe and eventually Monroe’s wife Rosalee. After all that Nick would come home to Juliette, his girlfriend for most of the series, who had no idea he was a Grimm initially. Then eventually as his police station pals and his girlfriend found out he was a Grimm, even that worked well in the show. Heck even Nick’s Captain/Wesen Sean Renard gets in on the fun as time goes on. It found a formula and it worked.

Grimm NBC Cast

Though even when Grimm went haywire at times, I still loved it.

As the formula got bigger more complex stories developed and it got haywire but fun. You had Hexenbiests like Adalind get involved, secret organizations, and it went nuts. Grimm worked best when it was being a little nutty, still doing the Wesen of the week police stories, and somehow still working. This is a rare feat for a show to pull off and it pulled it off well for six seasons. That’s amazing to think about and Grimm was on Friday nights most of the time, that’s amazing. It’s why NBC left Grimm alone on Fridays after a while because it did well in that slot so why mess with it?

I may dive into more aspects of dissecting as to what worked and what didn’t work later. Right now I am just saying goodbye to a show I’ve watched faithfully for six seasons. It had some mild bumps in the road but my goodness it was a lot of fun.

Grimm, you were a grand series indeed.

What I will always remember most is this was a show I watched with my entire family and that makes me smile. It’s been a good run and now the series is over. May Grimm live on in streaming, syndication, and whatever other media it pops up in. It was a good show that went all over the place but never stopped being fun. Cheers Grimm and cheers to all involved with the show. A fun ride was had by all.


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