We Salute You, Memorable Comic Book Characters

The evolution of various characters associated with entertainment, be it in the movies or in our comic books, has been quite remarkable over recent years, partly thanks to the numerous technological innovations we’re exposed to. Developers have far more to work with, meaning the characters we love to are changing all of the time. There are certainly more characters around than ever before, that’s for sure.

The world of gaming, for example, has some truly iconic characters that have left their mark on society. The likes of Pac-Man, Zelda, and Mario immediately spring to mind, alongside a whole host of other memorable names. Not all games require strong characters, of course, like, for example, casino brands such as leading scratch cards site casino.com as many of their games simply don’t need one, but plenty of other creations do. The same applies to a movie, where, for instance, if a production has a memorable lead character, people tend to remember the film and all things associated with that particular character. It’s that simple.

We’re here for comic books, though, and – more specifically – comic book characters. So, without further ado, and in an attempt to show our appreciation to some of the greatest and most memorable comic characters ever, here’s a selection of a few who have made a big impression over the years.

The Hulk

Everyone knows who the Hulk is, right? Recognizable the world over, the Hulk likes to punch things continuously, and in doing so, he has well and truly punched himself to the top after being considered a major player in the Marvel Universe these days, especially with the successes of Planet Hulk, World War Hulk, and the Red Hulk storyline. The madder he gets, the stronger Hulk gets too. What an icon.

The Thing

The heart and soul of the Fantastic Four, The Thing is one of the most likable comic book characters in history. Despite clashing endlessly with Hulk and usually losing quite convincingly, The Thing is still a formidable character, although he isn’t a happy one. Trapped in a body he despises, Ben Grimm suffers the occasional bout of depression along the way. Still, this large creature with incredible endurance, and his popular “It’s clobberin’ time!” catchphrase, is much adored.

The Joker
The Joker

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The movie was a huge hit, but before that The Joker really made a name for himself in the Batman franchise. With many seeing him as the greatest comic book villain ever, The Joker pretty much has everything a villain would want. He’s sadistic, he loves a sick joke, he’s annoyingly hard to pin down, he’s tough to defeat, and he looks and sounds incredibly odd with his green hair, white face, fixed grin, and creepy laughter.

The Punisher

One of the most iconic characters ever seen in the Marvel series, The Punisher, is hard to miss with his black-shirted chest, which features a giant skull, his love of guns and his never-ending desire to seek revenge. A lot of people don’t know this, but The Punisher is actually 70 years old according to the fact he ages in real-time. He was born on February 16, 1950, but he’s still very much someone you don’t want to cross.


Marv is a stable of the Sin City franchise. Usually confused with something, this dumb beast is capable of handling himself once he figures out exactly what it is he has to do. Battling with corruption in the city, Marv is intent on doing things his way. A hard man with a heart of gold, Sin City wouldn’t be the same without Marv.

Don Draper
Don Draper
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