Ways in Which the Marvel Cinematic Universe Redefined the Comic Book Industry and Changed the Cinemas

The world loves superheroes. People live alternative lives, the lives that they could only dream of through their favorite superheroes. When Thor swings his hammer to protect the planet from an incoming outwardly doom, we live his life vicariously. When Black Widow takes on the monstrosity of human beings with her killer moves and skills, we see ourselves in her. Superheroes have made our lives much more interesting than what it used to be prior to their arrival.

And one real-life superhero who gifted us with a hoard of others and made our lives exciting as ever is the late Stan Lee. Stan Lee’s superheroes are human beings shrouded in flaws, weakness and kindness alike. They save the planet from perils, and while they are at that, they come to terms with human follies. And here lies the genius of this man who changed the world of comics and redefined the cinemas forever.

In the article that we have here today, we shall take a look at how Stan Lee’s superheroes breathed life into the Marvel Cinematic Universe which changed the comic book industry and charted a new course for the cinemas.

The MCU Made Superheroes Look Cool:

Before the MCU, we were only accustomed to witnessing geeky and nerdy people assume the shape of a superhero and take on the villains to serve prompt justice to humanity. However, with the MCU, the narrative changed, and superheroes became cool for us. With Robert Downey Jr. donning the suit of Iron Man, the MCU entered a phase where superheroes were smart, chic, accessible and cool.

The MCU, with brilliant one-liners and trendy clothes, made our superheroes more than just cerebral characters. Initially, characters like Batman and Spider-Man would only have intense lines to churn out on screen. And to be fair, they did have a massive fan following. But since 2008, with the entry of Iron Man, the MCU came into being and marked a phase for the comic book industry and the cinemas alike, that was never before imagined. Iron Man changed the shape of the MCU and cemented the foundation of superheroes in pop culture.

Ways in Which the Marvel Cinematic Universe Redefined the Comic Book Industry and Changed the Cinemas

The MCU Brought in the Concept of Representation in the Cinemas:

Black Panther released in 2018 and proved that the world wants to see more representation on screen. It is not just the right thing to do, but it is what is gladly accepted by the fandom. In fact, Black Panther was not only accepted well by the audience, it turned out to become the highest-grossing superhero movie of all time in the United States of America. People flocked to the theatres to witness the vigor and might of the character and enjoyed themselves with the people of Wakanda.

Marvel has always been a forerunner of change and representation when it comes to the movies. With the launch of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the matter of representation reached new heights. The MCU cast Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, a character who was originally white in the comics. It also cast Brie Larson as Captain Marvel and proved to the world that female superheroes do not have to dress skimpily to grab eyeballs. With Captain Marvel, romantic plots were sidelined, and the movies started focusing on the woman’s skills and character development. Over the period of time, the MCU has only emerged as an example that the rest of Hollywood must follow when it comes to representation.

The MCU Made Science Cool Again:

With the MCU, the audience’s love for science received a thrust and proved that it is okay to love science and technology. If the audiences had to make a choice between listening to Peter Parker talking about particle physics and watching Thor swing his hammers to fight villains, they would probably pick the latter with the exception of a few. However, the MCU changed the narrative and juxtaposed science and action in a way that one could never have fathomed. From Shuri’s technological inventions to Iron Man’s scientific alter ego, the MCU has seen science take the central stage and save the planet from impending doom.

The MCU has had such an impact on the world that some Canada online gambling sites use the themes of Marvel characters to draw the attention of their customers. Several events are hosted every year to celebrate these characters and their contribution to the cinemas. The MCU has made science accessible and interesting, and young kids have started showing an increased interest in the subject so that they can fight the villains like their favorite superheroes.

Summing It Up:

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is nothing short of a phenomenon. It had revolutionized not just the world of cinemas but also comic books. Young people indulging in comic books have started reading and interpreting the characters in more than one ways, and this has helped add more layers and dimensions to the characters. With the end of a phase of the MCU, fans are now waiting with bated breath for another phase to kickstart.

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