Watch: Matthew McConaughey Open For More ‘True Detective’

Most of the recent news surrounding True Detective has been negative; the show is basically dead in the water, and season two left sour tastes in most people’s mouths. There are plenty of things HBO can do to revive the series, and it sounds like Matthew McConaughey would be game to reprise Rust Cohle from season one.

In an interview with Rich Eisen for DirecTV, McConaughey discussed season one, and mentioned he’s spoken to Nic Pizzolatto about bringing back the enigmatic cop from the terrific debut season. Under the right circumstances, of course:

Why not? I know HBO’s original plans for True Detective were to move form place to place and story to story, but season two proved they didn’t need to abandon the misadventures of Rust Cohle. Matthew McConaughey’s performance remains one of the very best of all TV performances in recent memory. I doubt any fan of the first season would not be excited to see the character make a comeback.

It would take some tricky contextual storytelling. Unless we went back into the past again, which is unlikely, we’d have long-haired crazy, Lone Star slamming Rust Cohle to deal with. That might be wild in and of itself.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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