NYCC: Robert Kirkman Drops Major Reveals During ‘The Walking Dead’ Panel

The Walking Dead New York Comic Con Panel was held this afternoon, series creator, writer, and executive producer Robert Kirkman has been very forthcoming with information regarding the upcoming new season, according to live recap reports from  

On the much rumored and anticipated appearance of the comics’ The Whisperers,  “Probably, eventually. As long as we don’t get cancelled it should.” He also jokingly added, “I can’t wait to see Andrew Lincoln saying ‘Now we gotta worry about the Whispererererers’.”

Editor Sean Mackiewicz asked where the idea of wearing flesh came from. “I feel like it’s something that probably evolved over time,” Kirkman said before a tease of the Whisperers actually being the future of Fear the Walking Dead’s group, saying, “Maybe they were putting blood all over their faces and were walking around in Mexico and went, ‘Oh, it would probably be better if we just used skin.'”

“No comment,” on whether or not Nick from Fear the Walking Dead is going to be a Whisperer.

“When I run out of ideas for Negan, I’ll just kill him,” said Kirkman. “Negan was supposed to die at the end of the Something to Fear arc. He was originally supposed to be in the book for only four or five issues.”


The Walking Dead is entering is 7th successful season. Adapted from the comic book series of the same name, the megahit show follows a band of survivors navigating through an increasingly more dangerous zombie-infested world.  Season 7 will pick up from the highly suspenseful end of season 6’s brutal moment depicting new villain Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) violently murdering someone with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. The identity of the victim is still a mystery, a detail that sparked controversy among the fan community.  Negan, the comics most notorious character, is set to become a fan-favorite and the series new antagonist.

The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere will air on Sunday, October 23  at 9pm on the AMC network.

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