‘The Walking Dead’ Get Your First Look At Negan

The season six finale of ‘The Walking Dead’ is April 3, and this is the first time fans will see Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the villainous Negan with his trusty side-kick Lucille. The first promo for the season finale leaked online this morning and you get a quick glimpse of Negan.

Andrew Lincoln commented that the introduction of Negan was the part of the comic that he was looking forward to portraying on television.

“The Governor was magnificent and David did a beautiful job playing him. But Negan is horrific. He is this incredible tyrant and this very charismatic, funny, brutal beyond words sociopath. I’m interested in the relationship between Negan and Carl and Carl and Rick. There’s a very complicated, extraordinary psychology between those characters. I’m just thrilled that we are getting to a place where it feels very deep, dark, thrilling and dangerous,” said Lincoln to TV Insider.

Ross Marquand talked about the season finale when they were filming the episode, and how emotionally charge the episode will be.

“This is the craziest thing ever. It’s the probably the most emotionally wrought and dark episode I’ve ever read. I’ve never read an episode that is so dark and compelling in my life (…) I had to stop reading this at three different times. It was just messing me up. It is so emotionally dark and twisted,” Marquand.

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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