Walking Dead: Will Carol’s Humanity Lead To Her Death?

On The Walking Dead, Carol’s Growing Conscience Is Going To Kill Her.

Lately, once hardened Carol Peletier has been acting a bit different. The recent episode of ‘The Walking Dead‘ titled “Not Tomorrow Yet” showed some troubling signs for one of the 6 beloved Original Survivors. Carol showed her more human side; the stern exterior she uses in front of others started to break down.

She even baked apricots & beet cookies for the group…clearly the woman has gone insane.

Walking Dead

All jokes aside, the story of Carol has been one of the most solid arcs throughout all of Walking Dead. From battered housewife to butchering bad-ass, we’ve come to love how far Carol has progressed. But what if Carol didn’t want to progress as far as she did? Obviously you have to be tough in this kind of environment but the things Carol has seen and done are enough to drive anyone mad.

One of the biggest clues in this episode was the audience finding out Carol has a list. The list contains names of the people Carol has had to kill. She writes down 18 and circles it with angst. It’s a heartbreaking moment to find out how much everything she’s done has really affected her.

Another shocking Carol moment this episode was her sharing a kiss with one of the guys. No, it wasn’t Daryl Dixon. As much as fans would have loved to see their beloved dream pairing of Daryl & Carol finally embrace, surprise pick Tobin was on the receiving end of a Carol lip-lock. The moment was sweet but there was something sad about the entire exchange. The face Carol made after really spelled it out. Seemingly for the first time, she has no idea what she’s doing. She’s acting so human…

Walking Dead

Lastly, the scene with Maggie & Carol has a rather important moment. Carol tells Maggie she doesn’t belong her, she doesn’t need to be doing this. With Maggie’s pregnancy, Carol is projecting her own want for some normalcy onto Maggie. She wants Maggie to run away from here to start a happy life. We all know in the world of ‘The Walking Dead, happy doesn’t come easy or at all in some cases.

All of these things are starting to weigh Carol down. You can see the pain in actress Melissa McBride’s face. Her ability to show this fight within Carol is stunning. While I don’t want to see the actress go, the pain building up within the character will without a doubt lead to her death. If it’s at the hands of someone else or if she takes her own life, the dirty deeds Carol has done will be her downfall.

Anytime someone gains a moral compass (Tyrese, Hershel), it spells the end for them. This will play true for Carol as well. If she keeps up the remorse & regret, something very bad will happen to our precious bad-ass.

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