Coors Banquet – Not Retro, Not Craft, Definitely Game Day Beer

Coors Banquet  is a golden colored American Adjunct Lager by Coors Brewing Company.

American Adjunct Lager – Light bodied, pale, fizzy lagers made popular by the large macro-breweries (large breweries) of America after prohibition. Low bitterness, thin malts, and moderate alcohol. Focus is less on flavor and more on mass-production and consumption, cutting flavor and sometimes costs with adjunct cereal grains, like rice and corn.

This beer was brought out of retirement in 2013 as the craft beer craze continues Coors instead of creating a craft beer brought back a cult favorite.


If you are a millennial you’ve probably never heard of Coors Banquet. If you go to Coors’ website the company boasts of the beer, “The Banquet Beer’s rich heritage is something to be celebrated. So we wanted to do it as authentically as possible. Inspired by our history, the Banquet Heritage cans are our annual toast to the Banquet spirit, past and present.”

But what does it takes like? Watch the video below for my review and leave your thoughts and beer recommendations.

Majeed Sayibu
Majeed Sayibu
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