UPDATE: Is The Jason Statham ‘Daredevil’ Deal Dead?

Thursday, rumors began swirling that Jason Statham was in talks with Marvel to join Daredevil season 2 on Netflix as the villain, Bullseye. The initial news stirred up a firestorm of positive buzz and excited the Daredevil fans. But is the deal dead because of the leaked information?

The original news was leaked via The Latino Review, but the fact that the meeting between Statham and Marvel execs was let out could have unraveled the negotiation process, perhaps skewing the contract numbers too high in the wake of the overwhelming excitement.

The rumor mill has gone from the news that Statham is Bullseye to the speculation as to whether to not he exited talks. Bloody Disgusting claims the talks ended after the leaked information, and during press tours for his new comedy Spy, Statham had some unflattering comments about Marvel that may have signaled his disinterest in the project altogether:

It’s too bad that Jason Statham may have left Daredevil, because the thought of him as Bullseye, squaring off against Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock was enough to make fans of the series salivate. Alas, it looks as if the two have parted ways, but there is always hope.

PHOTO CREDIT: [Heroic Universe]

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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