Don’t let the silly title mislead you, Unicorn: Vampire Hunter #1 is a stellar introduction to this fantasy comic series, filled with real emotion, an interesting premise, and vibrant visuals.

Review: UNICORN: VAMPIRE HUNTER #1 Is Fun Fairy-Tale Action

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Yes – Unicorn: Vampire Hunter – the title to this fantasy comic book series comes across as a little frothy. It kind of sounds like the creator threw darts at a board of random nouns and this is what stuck. But don’t be deceived, dear reader. If you give this book a chance, you will find a well-crafted concoction of fairy-tale concepts, mixed with heart and magical action.

Written by Caleb Palmquist, with illustration by Daryl Toh and letters by Dave Lentz, Unicorn: Vampire Hunter #1 is wrapping up a successful campaign on Kickstarter, which you can still help support.

Unicorn Vampire Hunter Review


There is one thing vampires fear more than anything else…

…and it’s not the sun. Everyone knows that wooden stakes and holy water kill vampires, but not many people know that the best weapon against a vampire is a unicorn’s horn. 

Unicorn: Vampire Hunter is a fantasy adventure comic about a curious young woman, a wise old wizard, and a unicorn with a penchant for killing vampires. It is a heartfelt story about friendship, love, and finding purpose in an unpredictable world.

“In a faraway land…” is how writer Caleb Palmquist starts off this tale of a vampire-hunting Unicorn, setting the whimsical storybook tone quite succinctly. Palmquist expertly crafts this unique world — part medieval fairytale, part steampunk fantasy. It’s an easy book to consume, perfect for both kids and kids at heart. Palmquist manages to craft a wholly enjoyable fantasy adventure, while tugging on just the right amount of Disney-esque nostalgia strings.


Artist Daryl Toh brings a robust and whimsical quality to the artwork. It really shows in the character designs. Character expressions akin to a Disney animation pack this first issue. This really helps with the charming nature of the book. Toh has also developed a landscape that is engaging and vibrant. The detail of the world drawn behind the characters is unique and filled with such soul.


Don’t let the silly title mislead you — Unicorn: Vampire Hunter #1 is a stellar introduction to this fantasy comic series, filled with real emotion, an interesting premise, and vibrant visuals.

You can support Palmquist, Toh, and Unicorn: Vampire Hunter by supporting the book on Kickstarter. You can also learn more by following their Facebook page, and visiting their website.

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