Ultimate Comics All-New Spider-Man #3

Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. Holy talk. I mean seriously. Talk. Then some action, talk, talk talk. Spider-Man has been shot! SCENE!

I am fairly sure that is how Bendis wrote this script. In all seriousness yet another issue goes by without Miles in costume (except for on the cover), and not only that the issue is still set “Months Ago.”  I get that Bendis wants us to care about the character of Miles, but for godsakes, nothing happens. The book is mostly just dialogue between Miles and his friend Ganke, about how Miles doesn’t want powers, and Ganke thinks it is the coolest thing that his best friend has Spider powers. I mean, I really feel like I am listening to a bunch of kids having a conversation, which I guess to be fair is the point, right Bendis? I guess you want to prove that you can write any character even a couple of 14-year-old kids.

Long story short, nothing really happens, you find out Miles’ Uncle Aaron aka Ultimate Prowler moved suddenly from his apartment and left it abandoned. Miles reluctantly saves a kid from a fire, and then freaks out about how he doesn’t want to be a hero, argues with his friend, starts school, and finds out Spider-Man has been shot. (Since this is set “Months Ago” this is taking place right around Death of Spider-Man took place. Stuff needs to start happening, I’m not sure I can handle one more issue without this guy getting into costume. It’s fine that he wants to give us back story to make us care about the characters and such, but do it in a flashback. This is Spider-Man not American Splendor. I think. Unless American Splendor is nothing like I remembered.  My recommendation, read this one in the shop. Save your $3.99. Not that I need to repeat it again, but Sarah Pichelli’s art is still gangbusters. Can’t wait to see what she does with some “Action.” Ahem.

Story: 4/10

Art: 10/10