Top 5 Moments From ‘Cyborg’: Rebirth #1


Victor Stone, the cybernetic Titan, is finally breaking out of team books and flying solo in his own series. Backed up by S.T.A.R. Lab in Detroit, Vic will have to prove he doesn’t always need backup to take down his opponents. These are the top five moments to come out of his Rebirth issue.


5. How I Met Your Mother

The issue takes the time to dive into Cyborg’s origin, and it goes far deeper than ever before, taking a moment to look back at when his parents met, fell in love, and got married. It offers a quiet little moment of escape from the action in the rest of the issue.


4. New Origin

As the issue continues to look into Cyborg’s past, his origin comes further into play. It’s shown before he became a hero, Victor’s father’s experiment was actually involving Boom Tube technology. This makes sense considering his father was originally working on a dimensional teleporter and the Boom Tube is the most well known teleportation system in the DC universe. It’s a small change but a welcomed one.


3. Sins Of The Father

As Cyborg finds what Malware had been searching for he discovers it was in fact his father’s notes from his previous experiments. In them he reveals his concerns for his actions with his son and his fear he has turned Victor into something which is less than human. His father’s concerns seem to hit him right in the gut and will no doubt haunt him as he heads into his new series.


2. The Collector

What lurks on the horizon for our hero? By the look of it, a madman who has aspirations to collect all the cybernetic characters in the DC universe. It’s unknown who this individual is but one thing is certain: He is going to be a problem in Cyborg’s life in the near future. With any luck it will result in some of the other cybernetic characters appearing in the series.


1. Cyborg Vs. Malware

Some moments are over in an instant. Other go on forever. The top moment from this issue came from the fight between Cyborg and Malware which took up a majority of the issue. The intense back and forth was perfect and really offered a great display of Cyborg’s ability and resolved. It easily was the best part of the entire issue and stole the number one stop on this list without difficulty.

What was your favorite moments from Cyborg: Rebirth #1? Leave us a comment below and let us know.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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