They’ll Sexualize Anything – Monster Girls ep. 6

The contents of this week’s episode of Monster Girls involves shedding and laying eggs. And while the show does a fairly good job to sort of make it look like we’re learning stuff about lamias and harpies, that’s obviously not its intention at all. In fact, it really is fascinating how people can interpret acts that are either painful or tedious, and sexualize them to such a degree as this show does. I’m not saying that these situations are dumb but I’d just like to know what goes through a person’s head when they think, “You know whats sexy, a Harpy pushing an egg out of her vagina. I also think it would feel really good, right?”

But forget the logical sense of these acts because that’s what the show clearly wants you to do. So just like the rest of this show, you might as well take it for what it is or stop watching it. This show demands the certain mindset of being turned on by Monster Girls, so you seriously should have left your disbelief behind. And for all I know, a Lamia having her skin peeled off by someone else could be a euphoric experience. They’re made up creatures, so it’s whatever. Now while the explanation of why these things are happening is one thing, the actual act of watching it happen is another.

Now I consider myself to be someone who can get weirdly turned on by some pretty odd things. Of course that probably goes without saying considering I’m writing about how much I love Monster Girls every week. And as I watched Kimihito peel all of Miia’s dead skin off in her most sensitive places, I don’t think I’ve ever been more confused about how I should be feeling right then. I mean it was obvious that Miia was getting sexual stimulation from him helping her shed. And that’s the reason this scene was filled with sexual tension. But as I thought about actually doing it, I started to get confused about how this scene really made me feel. The only scene that was supposed to be sexual (the point where he accidentally fingers her) is probably the least sexual scene among these, so I think it should have built up to that part better instead of plateauing there. But ultimately it was satisfying from a purely titilating aspect and all the exposition leading up to it about Miia wanting to cook and trying to be the best wife candidate she can be, was a nice touch as well. I’ve said this a million times but I think the thing I can credit Monster Girls the most is that it gets to most of its sexy scenes in a fairly logical manner. And the way it gets there doesn’t make you wanna blow your brains out.

I mean it makes sense that Kimihito is the only one who can help her shed after she burned her hands because everyone else was sick from trying Miia’s cooking. And seeing that her cooking was what brought her to be unable to self shed in the first place it was a nice touch. And while I feel the scenes with Papi laying her egg were just as titilating, the events surrounding those scenes made it less enjoyable.

So as she announces that she’s about to lay an egg, unfertilized let me mind you. Gotta be careful when talking about laying eggs in this house, the other girls might think that Kimihito has gone and hooked up with Papi already. Which is of course what they do anyway. I think the best part of this scene is the fact that Mero hits him over the head with a giant conch. Anyway as everyone finds out, a director guy shows up asking to document all the monster girls and get footage of Papi laying an egg. These scenes, I do actually have a problem with because its forcing the girls into sexual situations that they don’t want to be in. And tie it all in with a person who is taking advantage of that fact to be sexually deviant and make a profit just feels gross. But the scenes where the director is being intrusive are still shot to be titilating for the audience. And that’s not cool. If you want to make something gross and voyeuristic, I just ask that you don’t also try to sexualize it to the audience.

And after all the girls get sexually harassed by this guy it leads up to him getting a close up shot on Papi starting to lay her egg. And of course the birthing scene is played as a moment of sexual stimulation for her, but it’s whatever, I’ll equate it to what I said about Miia and her shedding. And right about when the creepy director is gonna get the money shot, Suu comes to the rescue. Apparently she can read peoples thoughts when she connects her antenna to their head. This reveals his true intention of just exploiting these girls and planning to make a profit on them instead of using it to better further interspecies relations. It was obvious that we were going to get to this point but Suu with the random mind reading ability was a rather funny way to get there. It also gives Kimihito another opportunity to come to the rescue as he lays the smack down on this guy for being such a sleaze.

Anyway Papi lays her egg with all the other girls support while Kimihito’s eyes are being shielded by Miia’s tail. To be honest I think that was for the best because I know I wouldn’t want to see her shoot out an egg if I didn’t have to. And then we get to go back to Miia still failing at her cooking and we get a joke about he most likely cooking Papi’s egg for dinner. We also get a look at our spider heroine, Rachnera, and boy am I looking forward to her being introduced. I think she has one of the best designs and am looking forward to them finally being able to get out of this rut of just having to dedicate episodes to character intros.

So I’d say Monster Girls, while having a few hiccups this episode, really did its job well and in an interesting way. It’s safe to say I’ve never seen those things being sexualized before so it certainly was an experience for me. And of course that’s where Monster Girls shines, showing us things that we wouldn’t consider being sexy and making them sexy. So kudos Monster Girls, and I can’t wait to see what you sexualize next.

Logan Peterson
Logan Peterson
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