The Venture Bros. Episode 3 Recap – Bruce Wayne Much? [spoilers]

This episode of Venture Bros. finally gets to develop that love interest for Hank. Remember in Episode 1 when Hank tried to heroically save a drowning girl in the building across the street? Well turns out she wasn’t drowning, and she’s also Wide Whale’s daughter.

A girl like Serena, that’s the daughter, feels smothered by her over-protective, mob boss of a father. As far as evil villains go he’s a pretty great dad. Of course, he’s a sworn enemy of Dr. Venture. The two are like rival businessmen, literally living across the street from each other. Dr. Venture doesn’t pay Wide Whale any mind after Brock kicked his ass in the previous episode. He’s busy setting up an R&D section in the basement of Venture Industries. Now Pete White, Billy Quizboy, and Dr. Venture have billions of dollars worth of mad science to play with. This opens the show up to some hilarious and science fiction-like possibilities for Season 6.

But this episode is really about Dr. Mrs. The Monarch. People try to manipulate her left and right. First it’s Wide Whale, and now it’s a new badass villain known as Copy Cat. Copy Cat seemingly wants to get a seat on the council, but the effort he puts into discrediting The Monarch says something more. Dr. Mrs. The Monarch will hopefully catch onto Copy Cat’s bigger ploy, whatever that may be, and continue to come into her own. She’s also so much of a badass that she doesn’t need The Monarch or Copy Cat. It would be great to see her really take advantage of her position in the guild.

With everything revealed about The Monarch’s father it’s possible he might turn to a life of a hero. Maybe? The Monarch’s father was really The Blue Morpho. Like father like son. The history between The Blue Morpho and Dr. Venture Sr. might explain why The Monarch feels this relentless need to arch Dr. Venture.

Jess Morton
Jess Morton
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