The Venture Bros. Episode 2 Recap – Batman References

The sixth season of Venture Bros. continues where it left off in the premiere. But in this episode viewers get to know what happened to Pete White and William Whalen. These two haven’t been seen since Episode 0, or even before that. The two battle their own villain by way of wits, pop culture references, and a robotic T. rex. This sub-plot unfolds over the course of the episode with the three adversaries fighting over a red ball.

Dr. Mrs. The Monarch doesn’t get a lot of screen time in this episode sadly. She’s really coming into her own in this season with her high-ranking position in the guild. Hopefully viewers will see more of her in action in the following episodes. This episode is really about The Monarch, as tries to bump up his villain status. That way he can get back to what he does best/worst: arching Dr. Venture. Here The Monarch’s only remaining henchman, Henchman 21, is really becoming a great sidekick.

With Dr. Venture and his sons are in the big league the family faces a whole new set of problems. First off, Dr. Venture won’t have his multi-billion dollar empire if he keeps running the company the way he does. It’s like if Bruce Wayne tried to run his company without a board of directors. The only other person that can stop Dr. Venture from driving his company into the ground is a pirate addicted to tranquilizer darts. Yes you read that right. This leads to a great sequence of the Venture brothers helping said pirate kick his habit. I won’t ruin the details of that.

Now the Batman references get real heavy in the second half of the episode. First there’s Wide Whale, the apparent mafia crime boss of New York City. Wide Whale feels very much like a Salvatore Maroni character. Turns out he controls the knock-off DC characters viewers saw in the previous episode.

Now The Monarch’s childhood home, which is currently getting a makeover, feels very much like Wayne Mansion. Partly because of the old, creepy factor, and also because there’s a Bat Cave in the basement. Or should I say Monarch Cave?

Also don’t miss the quick appearance of what looks like Bat Mobile stretch limo after the credits.

Jess Morton
Jess Morton
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