‘The Mist’ Tv Series – Spike TV Introduces Us To The Universe

Spike TV has spoiled viewers excited for their new TV adaptation of ‘The Mist’ by releasing a number of featurettes  and a new trailer for the show.

The action starts with a new trailer called “Out There“.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKe3znDCEMY[/embedyt]

The 2:14 trailer gives viewers a further glimpse into the factions of the town and teases us with a glimpse of what is lurking in ‘The Mist’. Whilst it doesn’t offer much more in terms of new footage, it helps to give viewers a better idea of the core characters.

Wait There’s More

Although ‘Out There‘ is a good trailer, it doesn’t offer much that we haven’t already seen. However Spike have also released a featurette titled – “Entering ‘The Mist‘”.

This 2:28 clip delves much deeper into the show and what they are aiming for with the story. It’s a good featurette with cast interviews, new scene’s and helps to give us a better understanding of the town. Listening to the cast talk about their characters and indeed the underlying theme’s of the show only makes the wait until the 22nd even harder.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also “Welcome To Bridgeville” featurette as well.

A great meet the cast feature, with the first direct link to the movie! Mrs. Carmody is not only in the trailer but directly mentioned by Eve Copeland! The producers have always said that this isn’t a direct sequel or tie in to the movie. In fact  show runner Christan Torpe has said “It’s like a weird cousin to the [2007] movie or to the original story, with clear points of inspiration and plot points that are all the same,”. This means that whilst we’ve seen Mrs. Carmody, it’s clearly pre-mist. It will be interesting to see if they link her to the events in the supermarket or if the character is just in one scene.

Out of the 3 video’s this is one of the better ones. Aside from all the new footage, it’s great to hear the actors talking about their characters, their motivations and the human element of what is obviously going to be quite a supernatural heavy show.

‘The Mist’ on Thursday, June 22, on Spike TV. Will you be tuning in?


Jamesey Lefebure
Jamesey Lefebure
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