‘The Flash’ And ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Star Robbie Amell Weighs In On The New Batman

The Flash season 1 brought in many new DC Comics characters to the shared DC TV universe, one of which, was Robbie Amell as Firestorm. Firestorm actor Robbie Amell, cousin of  Arrow star Stephen Amell, has not had the same amount of interview as his cousin. Robbie Amell will star as Firestorm in the Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, but it is not his own DC TV shows that he has opened about recently. Comicbook reports that Robbie Amell had a few things to say about the controversial Batman V. Superman.

“I’m very interested in Ben Affleck as Batman. I actually think he’s a great choice. I’m a little worried about a Batman versus Superman movie just because it’s… I just think it’s really tough to pull off. I’m very excited about seeing it, but I think it’s really tough to balance those two characters in the same movie. But I’m a huge Ben Affleck fan. I think he’s a great choice for Bruce Wayne. As long as he doesn’t have a Boston accent, I think he’s going to be awesome.”

Robbie Amell makes some interesting points, but many are still concerned about the casting. However, it is important to note that there was as much or more skepticism about Michael Keaton’s casting in Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns. Robbie Amell has been a surprisingly supportive, not unlike Tim Burton, who saw what no one else could or would see in Keaton. As Variety points out, no one seemed to want Keaton in the role either, which was partially due to his comedic roles prior.

Robbie Amell’s Firestorm has been quite impressive so far, many would say, so perhaps his opinion has some weight over others. At the same, maybe it does not. The success of Ben Affleck, depsite Robbie Amell’s support, remains to be seen. Then again, could it be worse than Clooney or West (Sorry Mayor Adam Wee), probably not.

What are your thoughts? Is Robbie Amell correct about Ben Affleck landing the Dark Knight role, or will it tank like the Val Kilmer and George Clooney led films?

Leave your thoughts.

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David Joseph
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