‘The Conjuring 2’ – Here’s 3 More True Cases From The Warrens

With the release of The Conjuring 2  only days away, let’s flesh out some of the Warren’s most frightening case files. Ed & Lorraine Warren spent more than four decades researching the paranormal and helping victims of supernatural phenomenon. Ed passed away in 2006 but, the feisty Lorraine is still going strong today. Here are three more times these champions of the unbelievable found themselves in situations more menacing than anyone could have ever imagined.

3. The Perron Family Poltergeist


In the Summer of 1971, the Warrens investigated the Harrisville, Rhode Island home of the Perron family. The century old structure was reportedly being haunted by an evil witch who had apparently lived there during the early part of the 19th century. According to Ed and Lorraine Warren, a woman named Bathsheba Sherman maliciously cursed the land. This may have led to a large majority of those who lived in the residence dying from various odd and often macabre circumstances.

2. The Smurl Haunting


In the Fall of 1974 Jack and Janet Smurl began noticing unexplainable occurrences throughout their West Pittson, Pennsylvania home. The couple claimed to have been tortured by for over a decade by a malicious and unrelenting demonic entity.  Pushed to their psychological limit, the family contacted the Warrens in 1986. Ed, an experienced spiritualist, noted the force as being “remarkably powerful.” While many dispute the claims of those involved, Lorraine Warren alleges that she still has a large number of audiotapes containing chilling noises created by the demon.

1. The Lutz Family & The Amityville House.


Before The Conjuring in 2012 The Warrens were likely best known for their overall association with the 1976 Amityville case. In this instance, New York couple George and Kathy Lutz emphatically stated that their home was griped by a paranormal, and increasingly demonic presence. The force became so intense that it eventually drove them completely away from their dream home. Years later many critics and skeptics alike have written articles and even entire novels speculating about the possibility of a well-organized hoax. The maligned supernatural events were the basis of both a 1977 book The Amityville Horror and the 1979 and 2005 motion pictures of the same title. The picture above is probably the most famous spirit photo ever taken. It was snapped by a camera in the home that the DeFeo family were sadly murdered in just a few short years before.

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