Time for “The Talk”… About DC’s Rebirth

Did you see, Batman Fans? Scott Snyder (Batman New 52) is staying on Batman! Oh wait… No, Tom King (Vision) is taking over Batman? Oh! It is because Snyder is writing his own Bat-Book with All-Star Batman? No… He is writing the Batman Rebirth One-Shot. With Tom King? Oh! So confusing!

With all the back and forth, the creator differences between the one-shot (introduction) and the main title, and the books that do not even have one-shots, how are subscribers or even simply regular comics readers supposed to talk to their local shop about the DC Comic’s Rebirth event? Even though the entire announcement from the Rebirth panel at last weekend’s Wonder Con was streamed live and watched by retailers, fans and bloggers all over the globe. Very little information was given other than who will be doing what within the creative process for ‘most’ of the upcoming books.

What continuity is being followed? What is post and what is pre-new New 52/DCYou? Why is one creator on the Rebirth One-Shot but not part of the main team once the story is rebooted? And what about the popular titles like Secret Six or Harley Quinn’s Little Black Book? Both of which have only just begun. They seem to be far from an end but are not part of any upcoming solicit.

There are still many questions to be had and, it would seem, DC has a waning amount of time to explain them. But, until those few answers arrive, a more demanding point needs attention.

Even though DC’s solicits did not make it into the main PREVIEWSworld catalog that arrived in stores this past Wednesday (March 30), retailers must still have their initial orders in at the normal time (end of the month). We will be receiving a special one-off Previews catalog from DC on April 13th (free from your local retailer.) But this means there are two less weeks to make your subscription decisions than normal. So any extra support is beneficial.

To help streamline the process and, hopefully, make it easier for both you and your local shop. We have built a series of lists and diagrams to help you pick the best titles for your subscription pull lists. Though some of the following information may be liable to change, a start is a start. So, comic book fans. Let’s start talking Rebirth!

Rebirth Diagram

The Rebirth one-shots will lead us into many of the most exciting titles. But be aware, many of the creative teams change between the one-shot and the main release.

Rebirth One Shot Teams

Not all titles will have a One-Shot. Even some of the most anticipated titles such as Detective Comics and Action Comics.

Rebirth Main Titles

Here they are, all of the creative teams announced for Rebirth in one place. Right at your finger tips! And make sure to print out a list of all the new titles, fill it out and take it to you local comic shop.Rebirth Sign Up Sheet

Just to top if off. Make sure to check out PREVIEWSworld for the full DC Comics digital June solicits.

Heather Hurt
Heather Hurt
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