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INTERVIEW: Comics Catch Up With Indie Creator Benjamin Marra

Benjamin Marra is one of the most interesting artists working today. And although mainly self-published, Marra has done comics for both Vice (various strips)...

Crowdfunded Comics Bestsellers: Are They Exploitive?

Crowdfunded Comics are quickly gaining attention across the comics community. Even here on MFR, there is an entire section of reviews in dedication to...

INTERVIEW: Mharz Talks About CHAMPS Comic

The great thing about a medium like webcomics is it can be used for anything, and any story, and that’s precisely what our interviewee of the day has done with Champs. Mharz joins us today from the Philippines to talk about her webcomic, which follows a lesbian boxer as she pursues a fellow ring fighter who’s won her heart.

INTERVIEW: Melissa Capriglione and Clara W. on FALCONHYRSTE

Webcomics come in all colors, and Melissa Capriglione and Clara W.’s collaboration project Falconhyrste is a dazzling array of them. From bright blues and pinks to a diverse set of skin tones and vibrant expressions, the fantasy webcomic makes a point of popping off the page.

The Tapas Creator Incubator Program – A Red Flag Contract

Almost exactly a year ago, Tapas Media – host of Tapastic, a platform for up and coming webcomics – attempted to add the ‘right of first refusal’ clause to their terms of service. Now a year later, there’s more controversy about a new project of theirs; the Tapas Creator Incubator Program.

Five Abandoned Webcomics (That Are Still Fun Reads)

Webcomics are a great, fun thing to read online, especially when they update every day. Sometimes, they even reach the end of their planned...

Queer Characters in Jeph Jacques’ QUESTIONABLE CONTENT

Ever since 2012, there's been a dramatic shift when it comes to queer characters - there's slowly more and more of them in TV shows, movies, books, but most prominently in webcomics.

First Annual Ringo Award Nominees Have Been Announced

On the heels of the Eisner Award Ceremony, the comics industry has announced the nominees for a new award, The Ringos, named after celebrated...

Seven Completed Webcomics Worth Reading

Webcomics are great and free to read, but the problem with anything you can read for free is that they sometimes end unexpectedly. Otherwise,...