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Review: FEARLESS #1 Seems Great On Paper But Falls Short On Execution

Fearless could be great but the first issue falls flat.

Review: A Driving Test Menaces The Team in FANTASTIC FOUR #11

In Fantastic Four #11, a new adversary threatened to defeat the heroes once and for all. The team was nearly defeated by... a driving test. 

Review: THE FANTASTIC FOUR #6 Shows Us the Best of Marvel’s First Family

Dan Slott's reforming of The Fantastic Four in THE FANTASTIC FOUR #6 is blazing ahead at full speed. In the previous issue, Ben Grimm,...

MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE Review: True Brothers

A new Mister Fantastic, a powerless Ben Grimm, and an original Fantastic Four member finally makes a return all in this week’s MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #9 as...

FANTASTIC FOUR #1 – Dan Slott And Sara Pichelli Knock It Out Of The Park

A Fantastic Four comic book is finally back on the shelves this Wednesday at your local comic book store and Dan Slott, and Sara Pichelli set up an emotional rollercoaster for you.