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GLASS Trailer 2: The Horde Is Coming!

An unbreakable man, a super-split personality, and a brittle mastermind collide in the new trailer for M. Shamalayan’s Glass. The film is the much-hyped...

ASTONISHING X-MEN #15: What Would You Do For A Summers Brother?

Now that Alex Summers has his team of not-X-Men together, they get caught in the middle of a Reavers war with the O.N.E. organization. Astonishing X-Men continues Havok's haphazard journey to becoming a hero once again.

Modern DOCTOR WHO Seasons: Worst to Best

Since it's revival in 2005, Doctor Who has become one of the BBC's most prominent exports and managed to please long-time fans and newcomers alike. It is...

PREACHER Feature: “The Light Above”

Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy have been racing towards three separate confrontations for much of Preacher's third season and "The Light Above" is where those...


The OVA boom of the 80s was an exciting time for Anime, a new influx of talent and money began to flood the market....

The First Miles Morales SPIDER-MAN Story Post-Bendis Raises Questions

Our beloved Spider-Teen, Miles Morales, is in a strange place right now when it comes to comics. We're in the first post-Bendis era of his existence and he's without an ongoing title. This Spider-Man Annual #1 is a good sign of life for Miles fans.

Review: POP TEAM EPIC: Tearing Anime Down (For Uproarious Comedy)

Pop Team Epic is a show which doesn’t care what you think. A show which unabashedly obliterates anime, video games, and the media in one fell swoop. It’s a runaway train running roughshod over the picnic of nerd culture, featuring some of the most high-impact comedy per episode in anime this side of Nichijou.


On this episode of Pop Culture Power Playground, TV Editor Tom Chang, and writers Parish Hodges, and Ruben Diaz make their observations on San...

‘MY HERO ACADEMIA’ Episode 53 Review: “The Test”

This episode of MY HERO ACADEMIA picks up after last week, and starts in on the action. Last week may have been light on...