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Review: Check In To HOTEL ARTEMIS For A Good Time

Hotel Artemis is an ensemble crime movie written and directed by Drew Pearce, and it's a fun - albeit a little overstuffed - time at the theater.

Review: FAHRENHEIT 451 Is Another Example Of Art Imitating Life

Airing this Saturday on HBO, Fahrenheit 451 is elevated by solid performances from the lead actors and intriguing production design but lacks the biting tone which made Ray Bradbury’s novel a classic.

Universal Pictures Unveils ‘Dark Universe’

Today, Universal Pictures announced that their rebooted series of classic monster movies will be known as the Dark Universe. Via a press release on their new Dark...

Meet Dr. Hyde in This New Featurette for ‘The Mummy’

The Mummy is going to be one batshit crazy summer movie, potentially launching a new universe of Universal Monsters. And in this new featurette...

My Five Most Anticipated Summer 2017 Movies

The summer movie season isn’t what it used to be. A few years ago, studios would only release big blockbusters between the months of May...