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Longbox Legends: ASTONISHING X-MEN & Looking Back to Reach Forward

lThe story of the X-Men in comics is the medium's equivalent of common biblical knowledge. Even casual non-comics fans are familiar with the trails...

Review: GIANT-SIZE X-MEN NIGHTCRAWLER Visits A “Haunted” X-Mansion

GIANT-SIZE X-MEN NIGHTCRAWLER, available from Marvel on March 25th, takes the reader on a mutant adventure away from the shores of Krakoa. Magik, Nightcrawler,...

What Did Spider-Man Do After His Secret Identity Was Revealed?

During the end-credits scene of Spider-Man: Far From Home, Peter Parker discovers that Mysterio informed the world of the true identity of Spider-Man. The...

NEXTWAVE: The Surreal Life of Marvel’s D-Listers

Nextwave is the perfect way to kick back and enjoy anything when life turns sour. From the time of its creation to the ever...

How X-FACTOR #87 (1993) Changed My Concept Of What A Comic Book Could Be

Comics from the '90s gets a bad rep; rightly so in some cases. Much like any era, it has its fair share of hits...

A New Perspective in STAR #3

Star #3 brings Ripley Ryan's raw pain and anger to the forefront, reminding us that she is a human who has gone through significant trauma during this process.

A Climatic Return In SPIDER-WOMAN #1

Spider-Woman #1 is a vivid beginning to Jessica Drew’s latest series, one that is as full of tension as sass.

A Dramatic Twist in RUNAWAYS #31

Runaways #31 dramatically concludes the Canon Fodder plot arc, bringing about several changes and even more foreshadowing.