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Emma Rios

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Each issue has been majestic but in totality, Pretty Deadly The Rat is a walk through a dream you will never forget.

Review: Exceptional Dream Weaving In PRETTY DEADLY THE RAT #1

It is magical realism realised in the most exemplary fashion. If Pretty Deadly doesn’t stimulate your imagination, then nothing will.

REVIEW: Mirror #2: Stands On Its Own

A man-made child returns home to take a dangerous gamble in the colony’s darker days. It’s quickly revealed this is mostly a flashback issue to...

Review: Amazing Spider-Man #677, What Was That Saying About Cats and Bad Luck Again?

Amazing Spider-Man #677 Writer:  Mark Waid Art:  Emma Rios & Javier Rodriguez Though I enjoyed the vast majority of "Brand New Day," there were always three writers...