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David Mackenzie

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11 Potential Bond 25 Directors (According to the Bookies)

Bond fans were surprised when it was announced on Twitter that the Bond producers, Daniel Craig and Danny Boyle had parted company over creative differences. Rumors...

Netflix Looks For Oscar Gold With OUTLAW KING

Netflix Monday morning released the first trailer for Outlaw King starring Chris Pine and directed by David Mackenzie.

‘Hell or High Water’ Review: A Mighty Fine Coens-Esque Modern Western

In Hell or High Water, it's a given that a man lives in sin. They're not guilty of living unmorally. Rather, they're vindicated by how they...

Review: ‘Hell or High Water’ is a Juicy Slice of Texas Noir

Hell or High Water is a delight, an oasis in the middle of the cinematic lost highway that is mid to late August. But...