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Coffin Bound

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Review: COFFIN BOUND #4 Darkly Comic To The Bitter End

Coffin Bound is more than entertainment, it is a comic book therapy session that you may not know you needed.

Review: Philosophy And Horror, Hand In Hand In COFFIN BOUND #3

Watters has crafted a tale of self discovery and personal analysis which has been brought to life with a visual flair by the art team.

Review: COFFIN BOUND #2 Finds Humour In The Darkest Of Places

Coffin Bound is a thickly layered comic with an enhanced reading experience. The more time you dedicate to each page the more you will get out of it.

Advanced Review: COFFIN BOUND #1 Bursts, Blood Stained, Into The World

Coffin Bound from Image Comics is a visual treat with a fast paced, violent story. Imagine John Wick played by Tank Girl and you're almost there.