Superman Comics: DC Rebirth’s Biggest Beneficiary? (Action Comics #979)

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Rebirth did many things for the publishers characters and universe. It completely revamped almost all of DC’s line of comic books. Of all the changes, none have been more significant and warranted than the course correction for the “Man Of Steel.” Have Superman comics been the biggest beneficiary of DC Rebirth?

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With Action Comics #979 this week, the Kents find themselves moving back to Metropolis. This is the latest change for Superman comics, bringing them closer to home and farther from the misguided days of The New 52.

In both Dan Jurgens’ Action Comics and Peter J. Tomasi’s Superman, the wholesome hero is restored to his former glory. No longer just a boyscout, Clark is now firmly cemented as the husband and father that he always should have been. The transition has been a smooth one.

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Superman Reborn was a major step in addressing the past and future, condensing the continuity of old and new into what it is now simply the future. Sure, there are some gray areas and holes at the moment, but they should be addressed by the time Mr. Oz is discovered and sorted out.

The main point is that being a Superman fan is fun again. Superman comic books are full of mystery and sci-fi action, now complete with a whole lot of heart in the center.

Cyborg Superman

Family appeal isn’t the only return to glory for Clark and company, the Superman rogues gallery has also been getting the treatment. Action Comics #979 this week sees a “Greatest Hits” team-up in Part One of “REVENGE.” Metallo, Cyborg Superman, Mongul, The Eradicator, and Blanque have combined forces to exact their revenge on Superman. That’s not the final roster of their team either.

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Dan Jurgens is opening up an explosive new chapter in Superman’s Rebirth era. The evolution by devolution for Clark Kent will continue to be put to the test as the two major titles enter uncharted territory. Both books are also accompanied by some extremely powerful artwork as well, another major factor in restoring Superman fans’ faith in the character.

What do you think about Superman comics thus far? With title do you enjoy more? Are there any elements you miss about New 52 Clark?

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  1. Yes. I’m a DC fan altogether but a Superman fan first, and I have been beyond satisfied with the course correction. His titles have been the most improved in my opinion. I should have known this but, well…..

    At first I was not excited for Superman’s books in DC Rebirth. I hated the new blue uniform and wasn’t crazy about the new child Superboy. I’m still not crazy about him honestly. He could go and I wouldn’t lose sleep over it.

    But I should have known bringing Dan Jurgens back into the fold would produce such a great result. It reminds me of my childhood when I first began reading Superman comics in the 3rd grade during the early-mid 90s. Jurgens has always been a great fit for Superman. His runs on the character should one day be held in the same high regard as the Curt Swan years of drawing the Man of Steel in my opinion. I literally cannot wait for the 2 week intervals to be up for the next Action Comics issues to come out. “Superman”, the title, isn’t as anticipated though. The story isn’t bad, I’m just not a fan of the art on that title. Doug Mahnke…. he has his moments. Overall I’m sorta “meh” on him. But Patrick Gleason is just not my type of artist. I can’t stand his art style. I’ve loathed his art ever since his run on Batman and Robin. I wish they would bring Gary Frank or Tony Daniel back. Those guys draw a timeless Superman and a sexy Lois.

    But on the whole, yes, I have seen a marked improvement on the character. The post-Convergence powerless Superman was a disaster. The buzz cut hair; the shirt & jeans; the motorcycle; red rags wrapped around the fists; his secret identity being public knowledge…. Just awful. It equals the “Nomad” era on Captain America in terms of ill-advised runs for a legendary character.

    The only thing I miss from the New 52 is that version’s Superman uniform. That was a gorgeous suit Jim Lee whipped up that was tossed away for seemingly stupid reasons.

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