More of the Home World Gem plot is always a good thing.
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‘Steven Universe’ Rises Up By Asking ”Are You My Dad?”

People start disappearing from Beach City and Steven investigates.

The foreshadowing from previous episodes finally comes forward. As people keep disappearing from all around Beach City, a new Gem appears and asks “Are you my dad?” Could she be related to recent events? You better believe it.

This new Gem is called Aquamarine, who has an indeterminate power. The aqua part of her name makes it seem like she will have water based powers complete with fairy like wings which do look water based. Unfortunately, her weapon of choice is something else entirely. Her hair bow turns into a magic wand and seems to create a beam which freezes her enemies into place much like Syndrome from the Incredible. So maybe her power is gravity based or just pure energy? Again hard to tell with the little we are given.

She is accompanied by a Topaz fusion which is serving has both muscle and as a prison for stealing the residents of the city. This character says nothing and seems to be like a Jasper or Amethyst and is by nature an enforcer. Again, hopefully more of this character will be revealed later. Still, the seeds of interest are indeed planted in this episode.

The Crystal Gems were quick to remind the audience Gems don’t have dads but suggest there being another Gem/Human Hybrid as a possibility. Maybe they are bringing this up to put the thought in the audience’s head to look forward to in future episodes. Or it could be a red herring and lead nowhere. Only time will tell.

The show introduces a real threat and is moving forward with the home world storyline. This is what we need. The war between the Gems and Earth can’t be delayed much longer. Keep up the action and drama from here on out Steven Universe.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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More of the Home World Gem plot is always a good thing. 'Steven Universe' Rises Up By Asking ”Are You My Dad?”